Shop of women’s lingerie and goods «MARC & ANDRÉ»

Marc & André is a sample of perfection in combination with sexuality! French lingerie, swimwear and home clothes, created for the refined personalities! The history of the Marc & André brand begins in 1985 in France. Today its products are known all over the world. Marc & André is a brand that can meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, give pleasure with its unique design and high quality production.

The designers of Marc & André closely cooperate with the fashion houses and world fashion agencies. A careful attention is paid to each stage of production from a sketch on paper to its final version in a process of collections creation. It is no exaggeration to say that the French brand Marc & André is one of the leaders of beach fashion. It often specifies a stylistic conception for the summer season. Every year a company produces up to 300 new swimsuit models! There are sports or romantic tankini, laconic and stylish in its minimalism bandos, fashion solid models with intricate cut-outs and draperies.

The design of the store Marc & André fully embodies its brand, combining elegance and style in it. And remember, to feel yourself sexy and beautiful is a real pleasure!,,,

Tel.: (063) 34-05-798

Shop of women’s lingerie and goods «MARC & ANDRÉ» Shop of women’s lingerie and goods «MARC & ANDRÉ» Shop of women’s lingerie and goods «MARC & ANDRÉ»
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