The benefits of training in the Pilates studio «Aquamarine»

The benefits of training in the Pilates studio «Aquamarine»
  1. Tone and strength of muscles – for lean and strong body. Muscles become stronger and more flexible, and it means that the spine gets the required support and will be able to better resist possible traumas.
  2. No pain in back, neck, and joints. A poor posture, muscle imbalance, poor core, unstable pelvic have a negative influence on your health. Pilates will help to solve these problems by means of improving and stabilizing the entire body.
  3. Balance. Stability and control help to improve the body movements and posture. Balance comes from the muscle core, and pilates improves this zone.
  4. Completeawarenessofthebody. Joseph Pilates called his trainings as “a complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”. This is the secret of the pilates exercises: we are aware our movement, send a message to our mind how to release the tension and concentrate.
  5. Quality breathing. Pilates training enhance the lung volume, and you will really get a lungful of fresh air.

Welcome to the first professional Pilates studio Aquamarine in Mykolaiv!

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The benefits of training in the Pilates studio «Aquamarine» 2017-09-06
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