Dear guests «City Center», on the light of past events and the arisen caution of people to the attendance of the entertainments, we want to report that the fire safety system in our building is perfomed in accordance with the current rules and regulations and it is existing in working condition.

The building is equipped with the fire safety system, fire alarm and water fire extinguishing system and it is served monthly by specialized companies.

The fire alarm is realized through the smoke detectors and the manual detectors (buttons), located in all placements CC. In case of the emerging of a source of ignition, a signal is sent to the fire station and to the central city control panel. After this operation, alerts are triggered about the necessity of the urgent people’s evacuation in three languages (Ukrainian, Russian, English). The smoke removal system is starting up, the fireproof curtains are lowered, which are divided the building into zones in order to avoid the smoke of adjacent areas and the opportunity of transferring the flame to the neighboring rooms.

Staff are regularly trained for the fire safety. An instruction is given on the procedure for dealing with a fire.

The building has 11 fire-prevention stairs, the location of which is displayed on the evacuation plans. The evacuation plans are placed on the walls of passageways and halls of common areas. In addition, in building are installed signs and lamps indicating evacuation ways.

The building has sprinkled and deluge water extinguishing system. It is installed around 60 fire-fighting cranes completed with fire hoses and fire extinguishers. In the building are installed more than 100 fire extinguishers which are checked, and if it is necessary refilled, 1 time in a year.

It is very important for us that our visitors will be calm and confident in their safety when they are visiting our mall.