Footwear store «Walker»

WALKER – footwear and accessories store of such leading brands as Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, G-Star RAW, Fornarina, Pepe Jeans, Guess, Calvin Klein, Jessica Simpson, DKNY and Bear Paw. WALKER collection is replenished each season with the most relevant models of men's and women's shoes, bags and purses. WALKER guarantees its customers a high quality of their products, compliance with the world fashion trends and unsurpassed service.

The creators of WALKER emphasize under title Shoes_Talk that shoes have their own language. It is the language of a character, lifestyle and fashion preferences of their owner. Shoes could tell others about your habits, tastes, plans and moods before you even start talking about it. For example, if you have comfortable gumshoes, then you are an energetic and easy-going person. A girl in trendy sneakers follows the trends and does not miss a single fashionable novelty. A guy in hikers with a contrast sole has an unusual look at things, and the warm ugg boots choose those who prefer comfort above all! Speak in a language of shoes with WALKER!

Tel.: (067) 553-79-71

Footwear store «Walker» Footwear store «Walker» Footwear store «Walker»
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