Store women’s outerwear «Stella Polare»

Female model coats from the leading Italian company Stella Polare can be purchased at the address, Mykolaiv trc «City Center» in a wide range.

Coats made from alpaca (lama), angora, virginia vul, suri alpaca, and also from high-quality bilateral wool made in the Hand made ,technique are developed by leading Ukrainian and Italian designers for Stella Polare.

Natural fabrics warm better, do not cause allergies and are more wear-resistant. One of the important characteristics is a high thermal insulation, the coats keep the heat well.

Size range from 40 - 56 UA. The women's coat of Stella Polare is executed qualitatively and impeccably and looks in any size unrepeatable.

Tel.: (099) 033-03-85

Store women’s outerwear «Stella Polare» Store women’s outerwear «Stella Polare» Store women’s outerwear «Stella Polare»
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