Supermarket «Silpo»

Fozzy Group is one of the largest commercial and industrial groups in Ukraine. There are the  products under their own trademarks in Fozzy Group networks: “Premiya”, Premiya Select, “Povna Chasha”, “Povna Charka”, “Zelena Kraina”, EXTRA!, Protex, Instinct, ZONK!, Premiya Wine Club. Silpo is one of the largest national networks of food supermarkets, which has more than 250 stores all over Ukraine. There is a wide variety of food and non-food goods in Silpo. Everyone can make a purchase that corresponds to his taste and a price category.

Silpo stores offer exclusive products of foreign manufacturers in addition to traditional Ukrainian goods. Silpo encourages the regular customers through a loyalty program “Vlasnyi Rakhunok”, thanks to which they receive a reward for every purchase in the network. The Quality Control Service is established in Silpo supermarkets. Silpo supermarket network was recognized as the best in several categories on the results of Retail Awards 2016 “Consumer Choice” premium. The working hours: from 09:00 to 22:00.

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Supermarket «Silpo» Supermarket «Silpo» Supermarket «Silpo»
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