Handbags shop «Rabat»

A trade mark VATTO appeared recently on the Ukrainian market. This is a young and perspective brand. High quality, style and affordable price are the peculiarities of a brand. Young, talented designers and experienced technologists work on the development of products. It makes the handbags convenient, functional and stylish.

Only high-quality leather is used in the production of leather products.

Artificial leather is also used in production, which is resistant to erasure, scratches, moisture influence and color senescence. So that the bags, made of artificial materials, have high wear resistance.

Another feature of VATTO products is a weight. Light bag is a convenient bag!

Our technologists are working to make the products maximally light and durable.

Tel.: (067) 512-89-26, (093) 194-26-20

Handbags shop «Rabat» Handbags shop «Rabat» Handbags shop «Rabat»
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