Pilates on the large equipment from «Aquamarine»

Pilates on the large equipment from «Aquamarine»

Pilates studio Aquamarine offers you a unique opportunity to train on Spine Corrector in Mykolaiv. Spine Corrector (known as Small Barrel) is an invention of Joseph Pilates. We can see how Joseph trains on the original invention on the archive pictures and video dating 1945.

This equipment is very popular and widely used in the European and Americal Pilates studios. Spine Corrector is used in both group sessions, and individual classes. Moreover, Spine Corrector helps to correct your spine and optimize its conditions (scoliosis, traumas, imbalance, etc). Flexion, alignment, declines and rotations in combination with breathing technique correctly balance the core movements.

We would like to invite you to feel good emotions during the training with Spine Corrector. Welcome to the first professional plates studio Aquamarine in Mykolaiv. More details by phone -  050 177-84-31, or at our page in Facebook. Seats are limited!


Pilates on the large equipment from «Aquamarine» 2017-09-07
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