Day of terrible discounts – 28.10.17

Day of terrible discounts – 28.10.17

SEC Center City invites all residents of Nikolaev for the seasonal sale of «Day of terrible discounts» in honor of Halloween and celebrate this mystical holiday together – it will be terribly exciting and unforgettable!

The most unordinary and unique Edward Scissorhands will open secret doors to the world of deadly indecent discounts, terribly entertaining entertainments, terribly appetizing treats, insanely fascinating atmosphere and grandiose animation of the kingdom of Halloween.

We will cut prices!

October 28 on the territory of the SEC in the «Discount Day» for all guests will be an entertainment program with master classes from Monster High, make-up from witches, contests and an interactive program in the style of Halloween for all present.


  • «awfully» sweet treats for children;
  • competition for the best photo with a hasht CityCenterHalloween;
  • a festive reception, a lot of presents and the main prize – a tour to Europe for 2 persons!

Shopping action!

During the entire holiday from 10.00 to 21.00 each visitor who made a purchase on that day in the shopping center with one check for the amount of 300.00 or more UAH, will be able to receive a treat for the purchase! Just show a check on the first floor of the leading holiday, get a card and exchange it for coffee, panini or smoothies! And the holder of the check for the largest amount (one check) – a certificate for purchases in stores TRC for 2000,00 UAH! Drawing of the certificate will take place on October 28 at 20.00 on the 1st floor of the SEC.

Competition for the best photo with a hashtag #CityCenterHalloween!

During the holiday, each visitor who made a photo on the background of one of the photos and laid out in his account in the Instagram photos with a hashtag #CityCenterHalloween, will be able to participate in the contest and get the prize for the best photo – a certificate for purchases from the supermarket "Silpo" for the amount of 500 UAH. The best photo will be recognized as the photo with the highest number of "likes" on the voting result for the period from 28.10 to 31.10.17 inclusive.

Do shopping – and win a ticket to Europe!

All shopaholics who made a purchase in the shopping centers of City Center shopping center for the amount of 500.00 or more with one check, participate in the draw of the main prize – vouchers for two to Europe! The drawing will take place on October 28 at 20.00 on the 1st floor of the SEC.


OFFICIAL RULES OF THE ACTION «In the City Center buy and free rest!»

1. ORGANIZER OF THE SHARE «In the City Center buy and free rest» (hereinafter – the Promotion)
1.1. The organizer of the Promotion is the City Center shopping and entertainment center and the tourist agency «Niko Tour» (hereinafter referred to as the organizers).

2.1. All natural persons who are at least 18 years of age who are registered on the territory of Ukraine and are on the territory of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as the participant / participants of the Action) have the right to participate in the action.
2.2. Participants of the Action are not considered and do not have the right to participate in it:
2.2.1. employees and representatives of the company of organizers, employees of participating stores (see clause 4.1.)
2.2.2. husband or wife, as well as the next of kin (brother, sister, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother) of the persons listed in paragraph 2.2.1. of this Regulation;
2.2.3. persons who are under 18 years of age.

3.1. The action is held October 28, 2017 from 10.00 to 20.00 (hereinafter – the period of the Promotion).

4.1. To participate in the promotion, it is necessary to make a purchase in any store / outlet of the City Center shopping center (hereinafter referred to as the participating party of the Promotion) on October 28, 2017 from 10.00 to 20.00 with one check of at least UAH 500.
4.2. The participating store of the Promotion must give out a questionnaire for filling in to the Participant of the Action (hereinafter – the flyer).
4.3. The Participant must complete the leaflet (it is necessary to indicate the full name, telephone number, number and date of the check) and drop it into the urn located on the 1st floor of the SEC City Center.
4.4. The participant of the Promotion must keep a check and come with him to the draw.
4.5. Participants who do not adhere to the Rules do not participate in determining the winners of the Promotion.
4.6. Information on the conditions of the Action is posted on the official website of the City Center Shopping and Entertainment Center
4.7. Participation in the Promotion means that the participant agrees with these Rules.

5.1. Gift Certificate: Stay for 2 persons in the Tour of Europe.
5.2. Additional gifts to the participants of the action will be given at the discretion of the administration of the SEC City Center and the participating shops.
5.3. Gift certificates can be exchanged for vouchers at the tourist agency «Nico Tour». A gift certificate can be used only once, and after use is withdrawn from the winner of the Promotion by the manager of the tourist agency «Niko Tour».

6.1. Winners of the Promotion will be determined during the draw, which will be held on October 28, 17 at 20:00 in the Shopping and Entertainment Center «City Center» (hereinafter – the drawing).
6.2. In the drawing of 28.10.17 checks are registered, registered on October 28 (before 20:00) for an amount not less than 500 UAH.
6.3. Winners of the Promotion are determined by random selection of a coupon from a lottery.
6.4. At the discretion of the administration of the SEC «City Center» and the participating stores, the participants of the action are determined who will receive additional gifts from the participants' stores.
6.5. The determination of the winners during the drawing is final and can not be appealed.

7.1. Prizes to winners are given out directly during the drawing.
7.2. Prizes to the winners can be awarded only personally, at the address of the SEC City Center, Mykolayiv, Central, 98.
7.3. Prizes are not given in money equivalent, return and exchange are not.
7.4. The Promoter is not responsible for the inability of the Participant to receive / use prizes for any reason. In the event that the winner does not have the opportunity to use the prize within the time limits specified in these Rules, the organizer does not make any compensation related to this inability to use.
7.5. In order to receive the prize, the winner must have a document confirming the identity and original of the check.

8.1. The Organizer does not enter into a dispute between the participants of the Campaign regarding the recognition of the participants of the Campaign by the applicants for receiving the Promotions.
8.2. The Promoter of the Promotion shall be exempt from any liability regarding the Prizes of the Promotion after receiving the prizes by the winners of the Promotion.
8.3. The responsibility for the quality / warranty service of the products, which is the prize of the Promotion, is borne by the direct producer of such service / products.
8.4. By participating in the Promotion, participants hereby grant their irrevocable consent to the public disclosure by the Promoter of the personal information about the participants in the Promotion indicated in the leaflet to the discretion of the Promoter.
8.5. The Participants of the Action are personally responsible for the reliability of the information provided by them.
8.6. By participating in the Action, all participants of the Promotion fully agree with these Rules and undertake to fulfill them.


Day of terrible discounts – 28.10.17 2017-10-19
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