The action «-30%, -40%, -50%»!

The action «-30%, -40%, -50%»!

Discounts up to 50% in the network of shops of perfumery and cosmetics BROCARD and online store LETU.UA from 10 to 31 January 2018.

For 2000 items of goods, a 30%, 40% or 50% discount is given on the price tag.

Other shares and discounts, including discount cards, do not apply to the promotional product. When buying with gift cards 30%, 40% or 50% discount is provided for the difference between the full sale price of the product and the value of the gift card. Details of the promotion and the list of promotional products are available from the store's consultants. The promotion is subject to availability of promotional goods in the store.

An example of calculating the price at a discount of 40% and the ratio of the discount amount to the previous selling price: perfumed water Ferragamo Emozione for women 30 ml., The previous sale price of the goods 2 240,00 грн. with VAT, a 40% discount is 896.00 UAH. with VAT, the price including discounts of 40% - 1 344,00 UAH. VAT included. Additional information on the terms of the promotion and a list of promotional products - from store consultants.

Visit the stores BROCARD, LETU.UA and make a profitable purchase!


The action «-30%, -40%, -50%»! 2018-01-10
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