-30%: Charge a cool gift

-30%: Charge a cool gift

Spring is love, the smell of fresh flowers and morning air, the bright sun that awakens you with warm kisses and gives you the mood for the whole day, the time of beauty in everything and in the first place - in each of us. Charge a spring gift to those who give the world beauty and tenderness, regardless of the time of year. 02.24-10.03.2020 choose a cool gift with a 30% discount in the BROCARD chain of stores.

A 30% discount is provided for a certain list of goods, subject to their availability in the store, except for goods with discounts and at special prices. Other discounts, including discount cards, are not cumulative. When buying with gift cards, a 30% discount is valid only when paying the difference between the selling price of the goods without a discount and the sum of the nominal values ​​of gift cards.

Additional information is available from store consultants and at BROCARD.UA.


-30%: Charge a cool gift 2020-02-24
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