For the first time, on August 13 2018, thanks to the jointly organized project of SEC “City Center”  with BF “Rukh Myloserdya”, humanitarian aid for elderly aged and disabled people was transferred to the town shelter for the elderly aged  citizens of Nikolaev located at: st. 2 Naberezhnaya.1.

Vlasov Vladimir Yakovlevich (director of the shelter ) extend thanks to all indifferent citizens who helps in constant care, household and medical services. Currently, the shelter is home for 35 person.
Things were personally transferred by the head of BF “Rukh Myloserdya” Evgeniy Vorobiyouv.

This kind tradition will become a significant support to the needy society in our hard times.

Now, every indifferent person can contribute to one common good need, just overstaying near the charity box, located in City Center.

Location of the charity box: 1 floor CC, near the escalator on the 2 floor.