Clothes store «Tom Tailor»

Tom Tailor is a German company that produces casual clothes. Founded in 1962 in Hamburg, it specializes in middle-class clothes and accessories for men, women and youth. Initially, the only products of the company were men's plaid shirts. Then the range of issued products have expanded, and a company began to offer for their customers a range of goods from underwear to outerwear.

The first own store Tom Tailor appeared only in 1994. A company became the 7-th largest manufacturer of fashion clothes in Germany. Tom Tailor has 4 main clothing lines in our store: Casual; Denim; CONTEMPORARY – a more expensive line of the brand Tom Tailor, which offers more trendy collections; POLO TEAM – more premium line with sport orientation.

We offer a flexible system of discounts from 10 % to 60 %. When purchase is for 1000 UAH, we issue a discount card of 5%, (accumulative) from every 1000 UAH + 1% to discount up to 10 %. When purchase is for 1500 UAH, we issue a maximum card of 10%. The discount card is valid only for the new collection.

Тel.: (073) 479-27-59

Clothes store «Tom Tailor» Clothes store «Tom Tailor» Clothes store «Tom Tailor»
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