Clothing store «oodji»

oodji is a young European brand, which belongs to a Swiss company Lagen S.A. It began its history in 1998, when a first collection of women's clothes and accessories has been represented. A brand was originally called OGGI, but a writing of the logo was changed with entrance to the international market in autumn 2010 to the consonant «oodji», which means «today» in Italian.

Any buyer’s preferences will be reflected in several lines of the brand: ULTRA – youth collection for girls who prefer bright and modern style. COLLECTION – elegant women's clothing, relevant in any situation. ELEGANCE – elegant models of large sizes, from 50 to 60; LAB – stylish men's clothing, based on the models of classical lines (narrowed trousers, jackets and shirts) and models in casual style with lots of bright, expressive prints, unconventional solutions in the cutting. SELECTION – casual and business clothing for confident men. The collection – suits, classic shirts and knitwear.

You will always find the fashionable clothes of different areas in our store: for home and office, leisure and romantic date. It is important to note that a main advantage of oodji is the monthly renewal of collections and democratic price policy. You did not buy So profitable!

Tel.: (0512) 67-53-32

Clothing store «oodji» Clothing store «oodji» Clothing store «oodji»
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