Art of «Hugge» in the new collection of SOVA jewelry house

Art of «Hugge» in the new collection of SOVA jewelry house

SOVA jewelry house presents its the first affordable jewelry collection – brass brooches inspired by a Scandinavian design.

The laconic collection suits the mood of autumn: the brand aspires to deliver the idea of «Hugge» – northern-european concept of coziness, happiness, welfare that opens up in simple and natural things. In interior and clothes design «Hugge» is usually associated with warmth, ethnics, modest but interesting accents that are pleasing to the eye. But SOVA rethinks these impressions with the the help of jewelry art. The new collection is northern asceticism that incorporates the play with patterns and lines barely reminding Scandinavian tracery. And also brass, a warm metal that emphasizes the enchantment of simplicity.

SOVA’s idea was supported by a Ukrainian brand Gunia that produces laconic clothes inspired by history and ethnical theme. Together they will organize the presentation of the collection in order to fully open up the meaning of «Hugge» within the context of modern fashion and attract attention to eternal principles in different cultures and generations.


SOVA jewelry house – is a jewelry brand that not only corresponds to the world tendencies but also creates them being a trendsetter on Ukrainian market. The idea of forming the jewelry wardrobe for modern ladies is the main theme of all the collections of the jewelry house. SOVA is the only Ukrainian brand that approaches launching of products in collections with no fear of experiments and liberties.

SOVA – is high quality and stylish jewelry that can be changed every season supplementing your looks. Rethinking the classics, the fresh look on trends, relevance to the time and suitability  for almost any occasion.


Art of «Hugge» in the new collection of SOVA jewelry house 2017-10-05
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