Laser club «LaserXTreme»

Laser Club «LaserXTreme» is glad to invite you to the one of the best places for entertainment in a large and noisy group of friends. Laser battles – it is an exciting and active game for activities admirers! An exciting game is from 5 to 99 years old!

Here you will find an arena-labyrinth with modern music in the spirit of the game, laser and smoke special effects, various game scenarios. Here you can easily toss any party, corporate games, celebrate a birthday, just have fun and uniquely spend time with friends.

If you came to the laser club for the first time, then first you will be told in detail about the rules of the game and accident preventions. Then players put on special vests with built-in sensors. If a player is «got shot», his vest vibrates for a while and glows white. The weapon is a laser blaster that shoots an imitation of a laser beam that is absolutely harmless to the players.

Come with your family and relax with us!

The cost of the game in the laser club: Price for 15 minutes. – UAH 60 per person. The minimum playing time is 15 minutes.

We work from 11.00 till 21.00 daily.

Tel .: (0512) 71-08-38, (098) 953-17-76

Laser club «LaserXTreme» Laser club «LaserXTreme» Laser club «LaserXTreme»
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