Pilates studio «Aquamarine»

Pilates technique is a technique of the physical exercises, aimed at complex influence on all body systems. This system allows you to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the body without the impact load, so it almost completely eliminates the possibility of injury during the lessons of Pilates.

Pilates initially used his system of exercises to treat various types of injuries, as his exercises very carefully and effectively strengthen the muscles. In addition, the Pilates classes will be extremely useful for women. Pilates can significantly strengthen the muscles of the pelvis, back and press. These muscle groups are most involved in the birth of a child. Therefore, Pilates is recommended to pregnant women in preparation for childbirth and women in the postpartum period for gentle restoration of the abdominal muscles, back and hips elasticity.

Pilates is based on several basic principles: With regular lessons you can achieve positive results in strengthening the abdominal muscles, lumbar spine and pelvic muscles. It also improves joint mobility and coordination of movements, circulation and respiration. A person moves easily, his posture is correct and beautiful, he/she is more confident in himself/herself.

Yulia Zhdanyuk. Certified fitness instructor. Julia currently specializes in areas such as Pilates and functional training. Julia studied in Kiev City Administration of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports, the Federation of Shaping and Aqua fitness.

Classes are held by appointment by phone (050) 177-84-31. Suitable for any level of preparation.


Pilates studio «Aquamarine» Pilates studio «Aquamarine» Pilates studio «Aquamarine»
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