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Svit Chaju company has been working in tea market of Ukraine for ten years and has a leading position in sales of weighted tea. The main task of the company is a delivery of the best sorts of tea from all over the world, satisfaction of the most demanding customers tastes and establishment of a tea culture in Ukraine. We constantly monitor the new global trends, combining them with the preferences of our consumer. The assortment, we have created, is the result of a careful work of the best tea factories in Germany, Ceylon and China.

A significant part of the assortment is occupied by the brands of flavored tea, but there are also fruit cocktails, herbal mixtures, ethnic teas – rooibos, lapacho and mate. Producers and packers of our teas are the leading German companies that are the embodiment of age-old traditions, high technologies and European quality. The recipe for most teas is developed individually, taking into account the tastes and wishes of customers, as well as feedback from the sellers of our tea.

The assortment of tableware, tea accessories have more than 1500 names today. A variety of styles and decorations allows the buyer to create his own unique assortment and add an original entourage and style to his/her trading department, store, cafe. Guaranteed high quality and gift wrapping make trade with dishes and accessories profitable and prestigious for our partners!

Tel.: (063) 272-33-33

Shop «Tea Grad» Shop «Tea Grad» Shop «Tea Grad»
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