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Perfume shop for body and soul «Sister's Aroma»

Self-love begins with the right aroma and taking care of your space.

Each aroma speaks of the innermost and is a link between the past and the present.

The future is the fragrances you choose today.

Sisters Aroma is a series of unique aroma compositions for you and the interior with unusual combinations of smells.

The ideological inspirers of the brand are sisters Yulia and Darina, real aromatic gourmets and tireless travelers. Visiting new corners of the planet, they studied the culture of aromas of different countries. Many smells were familiar and quickly faded from memory. And some were completely new, memorable on an emotional level and fascinated with their notes.⠀

What if you mix the floral sillage of France with the velvety hues of Morocco? Or combine in one bottle such distant from each other Brussels and Istanbul?⠀

This is how the idea of creating a brand that would unite the "selected" compositions appeared, so that each of you could know a real fragrant mystery. Sisters Aroma will open up completely new facets of aroma decor, so that each home will have its own special character and stylish comfort.

Perfume shop for body and soul «Sister's Aroma» Perfume shop for body and soul «Sister's Aroma» Perfume shop for body and soul «Sister's Aroma»
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