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Сlothes store «Sevendec»

«Sevendec» is a new trademark in Ukraine since 2015. «Sevendec» is a jeans store. Here buyers will find more than 2000 thousand things that will help in creating a unique style. Choose, buy, be stylish!

The «Sevendec» clothing store is a model of famous world brands, Excellent quality of products. Quality – above all. We cooperate with proven manufacturers, which were selected for years, following the feedback of buyers and our partners. Therefore, when you have a desire to buy clothes, we will be happy to offer you the best.

Why is it advantageous to buy clothes in our store?

  • A huge selection of stylish collections for men and women.
  • Impeccable quality of clothes.
  • Good prices for the whole range.

We do everything necessary to visit our clothing store, you could buy great things. Create your own exclusive style!

Tel.: (0512) 58-28-39

Сlothes store «Sevendec» Сlothes store «Sevendec» Сlothes store «Sevendec»
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