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Footwear store «Respect»

Respect is a multi-brand store of high-quality footwear. We represent shoes from the trademarks Respect, Dino Ricci, Bull Boxer, Nila & Nila, Albano and others not less famous brands from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, China, Brazil.

RESPECT is: Quality. While creating, only tested European shoetrees and leather are used. Style. Only a large European manufacturer can afford a staff of professional designers. Shoes, presented in Respect store, corresponds to the newest trends, represented in high fashion shows. Respect already today gives an opportunity to buy those shoes, which will appear in competitors only in the next season. Honest Price. Due to the fact that Respect stores are represented in many cities of Ukraine and they order the large quantities of shoes from a manufacturer, it is possible to offer for the buyer a qualitative product at a lower price. Unique Assortment. Respect presents the women and men shoes of various stylistic trends: classic, casual, sport, high, medium and low stroke.

So the company uses a bright slogan: «Respect yourself – choose Respect!» and «Choose Respect – choose quality!»

Tel.: (095) 726-49-94

Footwear store «Respect» Footwear store «Respect» Footwear store «Respect»
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