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Store of decorative cosmetics «NYX»

NYX is the American professional cosmetics, demanded in the whole world due to its premium quality, huge assortment and adherence to the fashionable trends. Cosmetics NYX is suitable for usage by make-up artists and home usage, thanks to a strong pigment and caring components in its content.

NYX is the cosmetics for dynamic, modern, active and bright girls. For everyone who wants to look beautiful, but is not prepared to overpay. This cosmetics brand was titled after a Greek goddess of night Nyx. Dreaming of her own beauty company from a young age, its founder Tony Koh embodied her dream into reality in 1999. Since this year NYX cosmetics have become indispensable for millions of women around the world.

Ukraine is included in the number of 70 countries, in which cosmetics of this brand is available! Be beautiful and create a beauty together with NYX cosmetics!

Tel.: (063) 376-47-29

Store of decorative cosmetics «NYX» Store of decorative cosmetics «NYX» Store of decorative cosmetics «NYX»
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