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Pharmacy «Med-Service»

A company «Med-service» is the first national network of pharmacies in Ukraine, which has been successfully functioning in the pharmaceutical market since 1995. Today a network has 297 pharmacies in 100 cities. The company continues to grow constantly and expand its services: it opened Med-service-kids pharmacies, where you can always find the best quality baby care products, for nursing mothers and pregnant women, and also Med-service-beauty, in which the newest and wide range of medical cosmetics is presented.

A new online pharmacу, is a simple, affordable and convenient order of products in the network of Med-service pharmacies. The assortment of a network «Med-service» includes more than 16 000 items. You can always find the necessary medicines, medical cosmetics, medical supplies and children's products in our pharmacies.

A main factor of the success of the Med-service pharmacy network is a trust of its customers. A mission of Med-Service company is to take care of those who value their health. Med-service – pharmacies, to which we trust!

Tel.: (0512) 46-38-39

Pharmacy «Med-Service» Pharmacy «Med-Service» Pharmacy «Med-Service»
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