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Clothing store «Madoc»

The history of the trade brand Madoc began in Turkey in 1975. For a long history of its existence a trade mark managed to overcome many steps before its recognition by the buyers and critics.

Trade brand Madoc specializes mainly in denim and cotton clothes. It began his work at a time when such materials have not been used much and in high demand, but Madoc was able to go through it, making his collections favorite for many customers.

The brand Madoc owns a manufacture of ​​more than 15,000 square meters area today. Over 650 employees work on the products development and control throughout the lifecycle. Now the trade brand Madoc has the stores in Russia, Ukraine, Morocco, Germany, France, Lebanon and many other countries of the world.

Tel: (0512) 58-28-90

Clothing store «Madoc» Clothing store «Madoc» Clothing store «Madoc»
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