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Men’s clothing store «Enrico Marinelli»

Enrico Marinelli began to create his models in 1952, in a small tailor shop in Italy, where he sewed to order to his customers.

Enrico Marinelli has already become one of the best Italian designers with his style in 1968. His models are sold in more than 90 stores in 37 countries. Today, the clothes of this brand are a welcome necessity for all stylish people.

Men's clothing brand «Enrico Marinelli» is made in the best traditions of Italian masters. Shirts and ties, classic and free knitwear, shoes, belts, briefcases. Business suits as the most important element of the men's wardrobe are presented in our store in a huge assortment. Their high class confirms that:

  • The fabric is cutted by hand for better combination of a picture;
  • The elements of manual work are used;
  • Manually sew a lining and buttons are sewed on by hand.

Tel:: (0512) 58-28-19

Men’s clothing store «Enrico Marinelli» Men’s clothing store «Enrico Marinelli» Men’s clothing store «Enrico Marinelli»
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