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Clothing store «Colin’s»

A company COLIN'S was founded by the Turkish family Eroglu in 1983. A company offers new opportunities for its customers and employees since then until now. The largest industrial enterprises of COLIN'S produce a wide range of accessories and fashionable casual wear. COLIN'S Company received this huge success thanks to the experience, effective and modern process of production of its own products, as well as to the single-mindedness of the whole team of employees.

COLIN'S has been working since 1999 on the territory of Ukraine. It develops every day at high pace, as evidenced by the new, interesting and modernized models that appear in 42 countries around the world, in more than 670 stores, and also it shares a spirit of great changes and modern trends with their customers.

About 70 retail stores are successfully operating on the territory of Ukraine now, where we represent quality, harmony and innovation – the bright shop-windows, new collections, at the sight of which a breathing is delayed, and a wide assortment of products for different tastes. ,,,

Тел.: (0512) 72-25-50

Clothing store «Colin’s» Clothing store «Colin’s» Clothing store «Colin’s»
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