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Laser club «LaserXTreme»

The LaserXTreme Laser Club is pleased to invite you to one of the best places for fun in a big and noisy company of friends. Laser battles is an exciting and active game for fans of outdoor activities! Here you will find arena-maze with modern music in the spirit of the game, laser and smoky special effects, various game scenarios. Here you can easily organize any party, corporate games, celebrate a birthday, just have fun with friends.

If you came to a laser club for the first time, we will tell you the rules of the game and safety information in details. Then players are dressed in special vests with built-in sensors. If the player was «shot», his vest vibrates for a while and glows white. The weapon is a laser blaster that shoots with the laser ray imitation, harmless for humans.

The labyrinth of a laser club is equipped with 4 video cameras. Those, who come to "cheer" for the players, may watch a game on the screen, located in the lobby. Come with a whole family and relax with us! The cost of playing in a laser club: Price for 1 minute – 2 UAH. Per person. Minimum playing time is 20 minutes (40 UAH per person). We work from 11.00 to 23.00 every day.

Тел.: (0512) 71-08-38, (098) 953-17-76

Laser club «LaserXTreme» Laser club «LaserXTreme» Laser club «LaserXTreme»
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