City Center

5D cinema

5D cinema in the shopping mall City Center is a truly unforgettable spectacle, which, undoubtedly, will be remembered for a long time by you.

The spectators feel their full presence in any scene, experience a free fall, abrupt take-off, jumps along a stony path, collisions. You can feel a slight breeze of wind on your face or a hurricane rush with splashes of cold water. You will become one of the heroes, visit another planet, go down to the tomb of the pharaoh or defeat the monster.

Unforgettable extreme, indescribable drive and exciting trips will amaze your imagination!

Adults and children will like the different subjects of films and videos, presented in the program.

The spectators often press themselves in an armchair, shout with delight and thank for the pleasure they received at the exit!

Tel.: (093) 301-55-18

5D cinema 5D cinema 5D cinema
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