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Cafe «Perfetto»

PERFETTO in Italian means «perfect». PERFETTO is a manufacturer of the high-quality Italian ice cream. Developing our own network, we also produce ice cream for the restaurants, cafes, specialized departments in the shopping malls. There are more than 70 kinds of ice cream for every taste in the assortment of PERFETTO.

There are such ice cream groups in PERFETTO assortment: creamy; creamy-fruit; fruit (sorbets); semifredo. On the basis of PERFETTO ice cream you can prepare the delicious desserts in restaurants, serve pancakes, pastries or create children's delicacies with them. PERFETTO ice cream is produced on Italian technology and on Italian equipment. Only natural ingredients are used in production: milk, cream, butter, frozen fruits and berries, as well as natural Italian pastas (pistachio, tiramisu, hazelnut). The company is always improving, thanks to cooperation with experienced Ukrainian and Italian technologists.

We are always glad to see you in our cafe! Let’s develop a culture of gelato together in Ukraine!

Cafe «Perfetto» Cafe «Perfetto» Cafe «Perfetto»
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