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Cafe «BurgerTop»

For those who have a constant lack of time, there is a great variant to refresh yourself. Of course, there are the sandwiches.

A sandwich is good, but a hamburger is even better! Why is it better? It is more nutritious, you can put anything into a hamburger, and most importantly, a hamburger is a closed sandwich that will never fall down with butter.

Today you can try the real hamburgers in shopping mall City Center, at the 3-rd level, in cafe «BurgerTop». There are always only fresh vegetables, greens and natural meat in them. Because we lack it in the spring!

If you doubt that the «BurgerTop» is prepared only from natural products, then try to prepare a classic hamburger at home and compare – you will be sure on 100 % that the fast food can be delicious and useful.

Tel.: (093) 499-48-16

Cafe «BurgerTop» Cafe «BurgerTop» Cafe «BurgerTop»
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